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automation of transactions in online shops with digital products / Software as a Service for... software
The solution created for e-commerce in digital products industry (e.g. Office products, Adobe software, antivirus, operating systems).

Sendinto automates the whole transaction cycle – from placing an order on the external sales platform, through recording the customer's payment, up to sending an activation key and a personalized message to the customer.

All in three easy steps!

Step 1 ––> The order is completed and the user proceeds to make a secure payment.

Step 2 ––> The system logs the user's transaction.

Step 3 ––> The user receives an email with activation keys to his/her products contained in a personalized message.

Platform customers can integrate their sales portals and payment systems.

The key database is created by uploading each of them to the system in the XML file format and merging them with appropriate auctions from online shops.

The simplicity of our solution is not its only advantage. Easy integration, reliability, full automation and a safety guarantee – this is what we care about the most.

We also provide our clients with the ability to coordinate the system in the following areas: the content of sent messages, creating and administering user accounts, viewing completed transactions list.